Don't Go with the Flow —
GO Fluid.

Fluid develops and represents unique adult beverage brands—and we do it like nobody else.

We refuse to treat consumers as statistical categories.
We start with the belief that consumers' mindsets, needs and wants are themselves fluid—they continually change. And if you're not responding to these changes, you're missing out. Driven by this conviction, we balance consumer needs with our partners' objectives, working closely with retail channels to fill gaps in the market by giving people products that make their lives better.

We're not here to follow trends. We're here to do what the bigger players are not willing or in some cases not able to do: create truly innovative brands that make special moments spectacular and help people get more out of life's occasions.

- Jakob Ripshtein, CEO, Fluid


Our extensive in-house resources mean we can move quickly from initial concept and commercialization through to full execution and marketing, drawing from all the expertise necessary to get a product to market, expertly and swiftly. Once it's introduced to the world, we make sure people fall in love with it through relevant and engaging branding and communications.

For over 25 years, the people behind Fluid have brought our innovation, strategy, and flawless execution to some of the world's greatest brands. Now we're bringing it direct to consumers with our own exciting brands.

- Chris Lund, CCO, Fluid